Each time the office moving happens, it is a task that many people have to worry about due to too much effort and time of each member of the company. In fact, Vietnam Moving Company has launch the professional office moving service to meet the needs of most organizations and businesses in Hanoi and other big cities. With a team of professional trained, dedicated staff and most important they have the honesty and high discipline.

Vietnam Moving's office moving service in Hanoi always brings quality and professionalism in each stage. Come to us and you are completely assured by the process of business removal that will be safe because modern facilities and infrastructure is invested synchronously.

Modern office removal facilities

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The first is the specialized truck system imported from abroad. We have the ability to meet multiple orders at the same time with a variety of trucks, the number of trucks from light to heavy loads. The items are organized scientifically and reasonably to ensure the criterion of savings when customers demand moving.

In the packaging process, we have a full range of tools for wrapping, protecting the safety of items, carton boxes, plastic bags, scratch-resistant covers, etc which are totally free and meet the standards.

Active and dynamic team of employees
In order to bring the most professional office moving service, Vietnam Moving always pays attention to the recruitment and training of personnel.

The staff of the office moving includes: consultants, experts, technical staff, drivers, porters, examination staff, etc who are trained in expertise and professional skills. .

The Vietnam Moving office moving service is available in the hands of experienced workers in the field, who are ready to handle any unexpected situation with ease. There for, this will help customers avoid the risk of moving office.

Variety of service packages

At present, there are hundreds or thousands of companies in Hanoi, both large and small scale. Vietnam Moving office moving service is ready to meet all different needs of customers.

Especially, Vietnam Moving is the only moving company providing cheap office moving service from VND199,000. We provide a professional service that makes customers happy and a price could not be more competitive.

Professional office moving process of Vietnam Moving

Step by step of office moving service

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Step 1: Receive customer's request: You can call or come directly to the office; we will give you free consultation.
Step 2: We store your information and send employees to examine the real situation and quote the price.

Step 3: When you agree with our prices and services, we sign the contract based on the price quoted.

Step 4: Our staff will come and start moving the office to the new location at the timeline you request.

Step 5: Rearrange the furniture at the new place as requested by the customer.

Step 6: When the moving is completed, the customer will check and evaluate the work done, then pay as the contract value to Vietnam Moving Company.

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Commitments of Vietnam Moving when using the Business Removal Service in Ha Noi

Commitments of Vietnam Moving when using the Business Removal Service in Ha Noi

To confirm the quality of professional transfer services, the most quality on the market these days, we would like to send you specific benefits when using the house moving service in Ha Noi include:

- Refund 100% when you use Ha Noi moving service and you are not satisfied with the quality of service.

- Compensation for 100% of the value of the assets or items if damage or breaking occurs when performing work.

- Free consultation on how to choose moving truck, how to move, sort and pack stuff, etc.

- There is no cost incurred even when new items are added during moving.

- Low cost moving services in Ha Noi, but with professional quality services and experienced staff in the field of moving.

Trucks provided in house-moving services
In order to improve the quality of house moving services in Vietnam Moving, we kindly send you some photos of the model of a professional house-moving trucks in Ha Noi, so you can distinguish and choose a reputable relocation service in Ha Noi for yourself.

Here is some information about house moving services provided by Vietnam Moving Company, hoping that the information about house moving provided above can help you choose best moving options when you need.

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